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Traditional Baccarat

How the Game is Played

  • Two sets of cards consisting of two cards each are dealt - one set to the Player; one other set to the Banker.
  • If your hand totals 9 or 8 you win automatically.
  • If you require additional cards, your hand always hand always draws first.

The Object of Baccarat

Draw 2-3 cards to earn a value as close to nine as possible - then correctly guess which three events will occur the next round - either you win, the Banker wins or a Tie occurs.

The Winning Hand

  • A hand that totals 9 in the first two cards.
  • 8 is the second highest hand.
  • These two hands are considered "natural" hands.
  • A natural nine beats a natural eight. If any you or the Bank has a natural eight or nine, the other players may not draw a third card.


  • 2 - 9 are counted at face value.
  • The Ace is counted as one.
  • Tens and all face cards are counted zero.
  • Hands that add up to more than 9 are counted by the second digit only e.g. 14 becomes 4 - this is so that 9 is always the highest possible score.

Additional Cards
If neither hand is a natural 8 or 9, each hand is required to receive an additional card. The Banker's next action (drawing or standing) depends on the player hand total giving you slight advantage.

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