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Mini Baccarat

If you’d prefer to play Baccarat with lower minimums, then Mini Baccarat will be just the game for you. The rules and house edge are the same but the minimum is usually only $5 or $10.

It has the same basic rules as American baccarat, but the lower table limits and simplified procedures attracts players with average bankrolls.

The fast-paced game of mini-baccarat gives players the opportunity to play the game in a much more relaxed atmosphere, and so is a good place for new players to learn the game before moving on to classic baccarat.

The Mini Baccarat table is smaller than the one used in classic baccarat. It is played at a blackjack size table with seven places for players. There is one dealer who controls everything, including handling the cards. The dealer is always the Banker and the Players never touch the cards.

Most of the rules are exactly the same for the smaller and larger game except a few rituals, including the passing the shoe, which is missing from Mini Baccarat.

You can find mini baccarat at most land-based casinos, or try it out at any reputable online casino.

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