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Baccarat Table LayoutA traditional Baccarat table seats up to 14 players – each seat corresponds to a number on the table. There is no number 13 seat, because of its association with bad luck. Players can sit at any open seat at the table, as the position makes no difference to play.

Each player has three betting areas associated with his position at the table, corresponding to the possible choices at the beginning of each game: "Banker", "Player" or "Tie".

There are traditionally three dealers per table. The "croupier”, also known as the caller, stands between positions one and 15 (position 5) and directs the play of the game and makes calls on the hands.

The other two dealers, stand at positions 1 and 2 and serve players 1 through 7 and 8 through 14 respectively.

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Baccarat Table
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